Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cabbage. It's what's for dinner.

I love stuffed cabbage. When I say this, my mother usually makes a face, like I just said, "I love horseradish on ice cream". In her defense, she's never had stuffed cabbage (we're Irish/German, and never had much Eastern European food). I first had it made by The Physicist's grandmother at a family gathering. I, too, made a face when The Physicist told me what it was, but was seduced by the smell of saurkraut. (I love saurkraut.) Stuffed cabbage, or "töltött káposzta" in Hungarian, is a meatball of ground meat, onions, and rice, rolled in a boiled cabbage leaf, and stewed in a tomato-saurkraut broth. It's delicious. If you like saurkraut, you'll like this dish. Now, The Physicist's grandmother makes the finest stuffed cabbage I have ever eaten, but this recipe, from The Hungarian Cookbook by Yolanda Nagy Fintor, wasn't too bad. The sauce was a bit spicier (Yolanda adds a tablespoon of paprika), but overall, it was pretty close to Grandma's. This dish concluded Eastern European week. We only made the two meals, because it was a very busy week (I was babysitting 40 hours for a friend, so didn't have my usual free time), but we hope to get the usual three dishes done next week, as we begin our culinary tour of Asia.

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