Saturday, November 13, 2010

Oh, Ina . . .

Ina Garten is my hero, and she fits perfectly into this week's theme. Ina believes that some things should be made from scratch, and that some things . . . should just be bought. I love Ina because some of her "recipes" are the equivalent of "buy some fresh vegetables, and put out a dip". She has a refreshing mix of "from scratch" and "buy quality pre-made".

I also love her entertaining philosophy, which is kind of a "never let them see you sweat/ don't sweat it" combination. She believes that guests prefer hosts to be relaxed and happy, rather than be served food that's been slaved over. It's taken me awhile to take this to heart ("NO! I'm sure my guests will prefer me whipping them fresh butter for their rolls, rather than mingling!"), but . . . she's totally right. Most of her recipes are available online, but I recommend the buying the books too. Her turkey meatloaf is to die for. :)

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