Thursday, November 18, 2010

Syrup: Not Just For Pancakes

Yup, we're back to making the cake. And, yes, the topic is syrup. Not maple syrup (though it could be), but a sugar/water/flavor combo to make your cake spectacular. It's easy, it adds extra flavor, and it keeps the cake moist. Come on, if it adds all that, why wouldn't you put syrup on a cake?

Now, you can make a simple syrup, by boiling sugar and water in some ratio, and adding a flavor (The Physicist does this, because he loves doing things the hard way), but I have a much easier method, with much more flavor.

You will need (for a 6 inch cake):

2 Tbsp. Jam or Preserves

3 Tbsp. Liquid


Pastry Brush

Pictured are some of my favorite combos: Ginger Preserves with Amaretto, Raspberry Preserves with Rose Water, and Lemon Curd with Orange Blossom Water. I like the ginger for fall cakes, the raspberry for chocolate or spring cakes, and the lemon for citrus or summery cakes. You can make your own combination, and just go with what flavors sound great to you.

For our Spice Cake, I'm using Ginger Preserves and Amaretto. Put your jam and liquid into a saucepan, and heat over medium low heat until the jam melts into a syrupy consistency (see first picture).

Cut off the tops of your cakes, and using a pastry brush, mop the top surfaces of the cake with the syrup (see picture).

Now, when you add your filling and stack your cakes, you should have layers from bottom to top: cake, syrupy side of cake, filling, syrupy side of other cake, other cake (see picture).

If you are making a regular sized cake, just double the recipe.
So, next time you're making a cake, give a syrup a try. I promise, you'll like the results.

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