Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Breakfast of Champions

I am about to tout the virtues of a health food, so if you find that sort of thing offensive, avert your eyes.

About a year ago, I was looking into ways to try and eat healthier and came across a whole bunch of articles waxing poetic about Wheat Grass. I looked further into it, and though not a lot is scientifically proven about it, it's definitely not bad for you. The only thing is that it cannot be heated, or whatever good it does you is lost.

So I picked up a single serving package of Berry flavored GREENSuper Food at Whole Foods and decided to experiment. While checking out, the cashier asked if I had had wheat grass before. I told her I hadn't, and asked what I should stir the powder into. "I like mine mixed with water. You can really taste the swampiness." THE WHAT?!?! The look of mortification must have been clear on my face, because the girl who was bagging our groceries held up my chocolate soy milk, emphatically pointing to it, while mouthing the words "Use this."

For the last year, 4-5 days a week, pictured above is what I have for breakfast. Does it taste a bit like lawn clippings in chocolate milk? Yes. Do I feel better on days when I have that for breakfast rather than something like delicious banana pancakes? *sigh* YES. There is a notable difference in my energy levels, I feel healthier, and my digestion is more, shall we say, "regular".

Now, using soy milk cuts down on how thick the smoothie tastes, as soy milk has a thinner consistency than milk. Chocolate DEFINITELY masks a LOT of the grass flavor. The powder does have to be whisked into the soy milk, or it clumps, and it should be consumed quickly after it's been whisked. I usually get it down in three gulps. I know, this has not been the most glowing recommendation, but I do suggest you pick up some packets and some soy milk, and give it a try for a week. You might think it's worth it.

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