Sunday, October 9, 2011

Seven Years of Love (and Food)

Seven years ago today, this Girl married her Physicist. When planning our wedding, the food and cake took precedence over a lot of other details (I may have shocked the florist by saying "It's a fall theme, you're a professional, I'm sure whatever you do will be fine."). And, when deciding on the food and cake, The Physicist was an active participant.

A reception is the first dinner party you ever throw as a married couple, and it has practically everyone you know and care about at it. We went to a tasting at our venue, and were overjoyed that everything we had was amazing. But this led to other problems: If everything is good, what do you serve? I think we were up to 2am, agonizing over the possibilities when it hit us what we had to serve. Our guests joined us in a traditional Thanksgiving meal, turkey and all the trimmings, a month and a half early. I think the sensory memory associated with Thanksgiving, really helped us set the tone for the day.

But, I think the aspect we were most excited about was The Cake. We had set up several appointments for cake tastings . . . and cancelled them after the first one. After that first forkful of Konditor Meister cake, we knew we had found our bakery. Each layer was a different flavor: chocolate with raspberry filling, pumpkin with pumpkin apricot mousse, apple spice with maple mousse, and the top was tiramisu. When we decided to add a fourth layer of cake, The Physicist even wrangled a second cake tasting, "to help decide on the flavor" (which we had already picked).

We have wonderful memories of that day, and we believe the food and the cake played a big part in making that day a success. I think that theme has spilled over from our wedding and into our marriage. Food and cake play a big part in our lives, and sometimes the food is great, and sometimes it's a disaster. But, as the years have gone by, our menus have become more complex, a little more sophisticated, we've learned what works and what doesn't. And overall, things just get better and better.

P.S. I know I missed a couple days, but we were celebrating our anniversary in DC, and the hotel wanted $10 a day for internet. I'll do double posts Monday and Tuesday to make it up to you. :)

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